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In order to become a seller on the marketplace, you must meet several prerequisites:



In order to avoid negative connotations related to the composition of processed truffles and the aromas used in them, only fresh truffles are sold on the market!



For private persons: In order to use (collect) native wild species (in this case, truffles) for the purposes of processing, trade and other traffic, a private or legal person must obtain permission from the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. Issuing a permit is free, and you can find more information at the following link.

For legal entities: The company/trade must be registered for activities related to the collection/sale of mushrooms in accordance with the current legal obligations of the Republic of Croatia. The satisfaction of these conditions is proven by an extract from the competent court register or a Permit from the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Croatia for the use of native species for the purpose of further sale.



Truffles, like all other fresh mushrooms, must be delivered to the buyer’s address as soon as possible. In order to ensure freshness in the delivery, before publishing the truffles for sale, you are obliged to provide suitable packaging for transport (thermo foils / thermo cardboard boxes / styrofoam boxes) of known dimensions. It is advisable to put ice gel inside the box, which can be used for transporting food, in order to ensure a low temperature during transport for at least 48 hours. We recommend DHL, DPD, GLS and UPS as courier services. The company Punta Verde Business Solutions j.d.o.o. (PVBS) as the sole owner of the online market organizes delivery via DPD and GLS, the transit times of which you can check at the bottom of this page, while the delivery price is automatically calculated in the shopping cart based on the country of delivery.

For a larger number of shipments (10+) and product delivery within 48 hours to all EU member states, you can arrange with us the organization of sending shipments via DHL at slightly cheaper prices, for which you will contact us by sending an email to



You are obliged to issue an invoice for each sale. Since payments are made exclusively by credit cards, which is considered a cash transaction, the account must be fiscalized.

For private persons: We issue a fiscalized invoice in your name and for your account, and you do not need to have your own fiscal cash register. Payment for completed sales is made to your giro account on the 1st and 15th of the month, but not less than 7 days after sales.

Legal entities: You issue the invoice as if you had directly sold the truffles to the final customer, and we issue you an invoice for the mediation service for the sale. If you do not have a fiscal cash register, we can mediate for you when issuing invoices, for which the mediation fees do not change.



PVBS is not a reseller and does not provide truffle purchase services for the purpose of resale. The task of PVBS is to put the truffle hunter and the end customer in direct contact.

The fee for each successful sale is 20% of the net/gross price of the sold products.

Net price: If the delivery price is specified separately, i.e. you choose that we organize the delivery, the 20% brokerage fee is calculated only on the truffle price, which includes taxes (eg VAT if you are in the VAT system), without the delivery price.

Gross price: If the delivery price is included in the price of the truffle and is not stated separately, i.e. you have decided to organize the delivery yourself, 20% of the mediation fee is calculated on the total price of the truffle, which includes all taxes to the state (if applicable) and the delivery price.

What do I get for the 20% brokerage fee?

For the amount of our fee, you get the following:

  1. Free use of the market system – the fee is charged only for the sale made.
  2. Direct contact with end customers from EU member states.
  3. Constant marketing promotion – risk and costs of advertising are borne by ourselves.
  4. Translation of content into English.
  5. Issuance of fiscalized invoices in your name and for your account.
  6. Organization of collection and delivery of truffles.
  7. The possibility of organizing faster and cheaper delivery.



On the registration page select the link ‘Become a seller‘:

Fill out the registration form, and we will send you the Internet Sales Brokerage Agreement and detailed instructions on how to cooperate by e-mail. Before submitting a request, please read the General Terms of Use and Terms of Use for Sellers located at the bottom of this page.


If something remains unclear, contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

We organize delivery using DPD and GLS delivery services. Since the expected transit time (package delivery time) also varies depending on the country of delivery, below we provide the expected delivery time, which we ask you to keep in mind when buying fresh truffles at our market.

Sellers (truffle hunters) can organize delivery themselves, in case which such delivery will be included in the delivery price. If the delivery options are not highlighted on the product billing page and you are not sure about the price and delivery time, we advise you to contact the truffle vendor at his virtual stand.

Expected package transit time (delivery time) by country:

  • Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia:
    • DPD | 2 – 3 working days
    • GLS | 3 – 4 working days
  • Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland:
    • DPD | 3 – 4 working days
    • GLS | 3 – 5 working days
  • Bulgaria, Romania:
    • DPD | 3 – 5 working days
    • GLS | 3 – 6 working days
  • Cyprus (European part), Malta:
    • GLS | 5 – 6 working days
  • Denmark:
    • DPD | 2 – 3 working days
    • GLS | 5 – 6 working days
  • Italy:
    • DPD | 2 – 3 working days
    • GLS | 3 – 5 working days
  • Ireland:
    • DPD | 5 – 6 working days
    • GLS | 5 – 6 working days
  • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania:
    • DPD | 5 – 6 working days
    • GLS | 4 – 5 working days
  • France:
    • DPD | 3 – 4 working days
    • GLS | 5 – 6 working days
  • Finlad, Greece:
    • DPD | 5 – 6 working days
    • GLS | 6 – 7 working days
  • Croatia:
    • DPD | 1 – 2 working days
    • GLS | 1 – 2 working days
  • Germany:
    • DPD | 2 – 3 working days
    • GLS | 3 – 4 working days
  • Portugal, Spain:
    • DPD | 4 – 5 working days
    • GLS | 5 – 6 working days
  • Slovenia:
    • DPD | 1 – 2 working days
    • GLS | 1 – 2 working days

The product page states who the truffle hunter is, or the seller. Visit his virtual store and use the contact form below the seller’s profile picture / logo. You will receive an answer from the seller as soon as possible.

Truffle grading is an unavoidable practice in the world of truffle hunters, because it determines the quality and price of truffles. In our market, the classification of truffles is done by individual truffle hunters in accordance with the UNECE standard for truffles, which states the following:

Truffles are classified into three classes:

  • “Extra” class – truffles in this class are of superior quality and are representatives of their specie. They are more or less regular and round in shape. They must be free from defects, with the exception of minor defects to the shape and color, provided that such defect does not significantly impair the appearance and quality of the truffles.
  • 1st Class – Truffles in this class are allowed to have defects, provided that they do not significantly impair the appearance and quality of truffles, such as: defects in appearance, defects in development, color defects, surface bruising.
  • 2nd class – this class contains all those truffles that do not meet the previous criteria, but meet the minimum requirements. Greater defects in shape, development, color and bruising is allowed here.

All three classes must meet the minimum requirements. So, truffles must be:

  • Intact. However, cuts are allowed.
  • Firm.
  • Sound. Produce affected by rotting or deterioration such as to make it unfit for consumption is excluded.
  • Clean. The residual soil rate must not exceed 5 % by weight.
  • Positively identifiable.
  • Practically free from pests and from damage caused by pests.
  • Free from damage caused by frost.
  • Free of abnormal external moisture.
  • Free of any foreign smell and/or taste.

During the transport of fresh truffles, moisture evaporates, and a weight deviation of about 10% from the advertised weight is possible. This is a normal phenomenon that cannot be avoided and is not a permissible reason for a complaint.

Keep in mind that not all scales are created equal, so your scale may show different values than the seller’s.

In order to become a seller on the marketplace, you must meet several prerequisites:

  1. You may only sell fresh truffles.
  2. You must have a valid permit from the Ministry of Economy to collect truffles for commercial purposes (for private persons) or a registered company/trade (for legal persons).
  3. Open giro account.
  4. Signed contract with the company Punta verde business solutions jdoo as the sole owner of the website

For more information, see the instructions for sellers or contact us at

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